1)Assume the following register contents: $t0 = 0xAAAAAAAA ...

C++ Writes data, python reads it. What's the best approach?

I have a piece of embedded firmware that writes a simple structure to DRAM. Something like this:
typedef struct{ uint32_t valueA; // value: 0xAAAAAAAA uint32_t valueB; // value: 0xBBBBBBBB uint32_t valueC; // value: 0xCCCCCCCC uint32_t valueD; // value: 0xDDDDDDDD uint32_t valueE; // value: 0xEEEEEEEE uint32_t valueF; // value: 0xFFFFFFFF } MyStruct_s; 
So my firmware writes this structure out to DRAM at address 0x60000000 (for example). DRAM then looks like this:
0x60000000: 0xAAAAAAAA 0x60000004: 0xBBBBBBBB 0x60000008: 0xCCCCCCCC 0x6000000c: 0xDDDDDDDD 0x60000010: 0xEEEEEEEE 0x60000014: 0xFFFFFFFF 
So now I want to slurp up that data in Python, with the end goal of being able to use the values in this fashion:
if (the_struct.valueA == 0xAAAAAAAA): print("Got the expected data.") 
I have a few interfaces to DRAM available.
  1. Read 64 bytes at a time and return it as a list of 16 32-bit integers
  2. Read 64 bytes and return it as one long 512-bit integer
  3. Read X bytes at a time (pass in the number of bytes) and return it in as long an integer as it needs to be.
  4. I can easily write a function that returns the data as a X-character-long binary string as well.
So, given these options, what's the cleanest, most pythonic way to suck this binary data in?
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